Monday, July 23, 2007

Managing Personal Medication Knowledge

Sometimes we are able to find sites which provide not only excellent practical, usable knowledge but great examples of how to organize and represent information well. This is true in the Consumer Reports site on Medications.

The folks at Consumer Reports have listened well to their audience and created a site which answers questions, provides background information and helps the audience make well informed decisions. It is eye opening in the area of drug to drug interaction and the risks involved in taking multiple medication. We assume our physicians understand each drug and will consider how the new drug they prescribe to us will interact with current drugs taken. However the complexities of such knowledge are highlighted here.

As we consider the medications we take, we must be well informed consumers, proactive in our own care. This site helps each us make sense of a complex situation.

I highly recommend a review of the site, not just as a consumer of medications but also as a KM practioner. Well done, Consumer Reports.

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