Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Shifting Perspectives

As we begin a new year, we can take the opportunity to begin a new way of thinking. In managing knowledge, as in life, we can choose the perspective we wish to embrace. We can choose to see the world as a place where knowledge is hoarded, people are unwilling to share and teach, and we can choose to see knowledge sharing as a huge and difficult task.

Or, we can shift our perspective. We can choose to see the world differently. We can decide that those who do not easily share knowledge do so out of fear. We can decided the best course of action is not to simply judge the person but rather to understand the fear. Maybe the fear is justified. Perhaps the person believes people have been adversely affected by openly sharing.

We can choose to see the world as full of challenges, as a difficult and harsh place or we can shift that perception and see the world as a huge classroom, teaching us to be the best we can be at every moment. It's a new year, why not make it the best year yet, for knowledge sharing, for developing a healthy culture, for yourself. What have we got to lose.

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