Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Data Visualization -- a Must Read

If you have not seen the David McCandless video 'Data is Beautiful' on the YouTube TED Talks is a must view.

Not only will you see the power of Data Visualization as a way to quickly make sense of and see trends and patterns in data, but you will learn a great deal about the global economy. Yes, the video is 21 minutes long-- and it will be 21 of the most incredible minutes spent in a long time. I would chance to say it will shift your thinking, especially on the benefit of visualizing data.


As Knowledge Managers it is our responsiblity to make good use of data, to anticipate and prepare for challenges and to also identify those issues which we might fear but probably not the issues we should be fearing.

David talks about the quote "Data is the New Oil" but his response is that "Data is the New Soil" because it is such fertile ground.

Data visualization is a tool to clarify problems and identify solutions. It is also a powerful tool for us to understand the viewpoints of others, reflect on our own viewpoints and to deeply examine each.

I highly recommend you watch this video. Think about what data means in your role, your company and your life. The theme of how to look at the patterns and trends, and how to use this to help organizations be smarter, faster and more agile will emerge again and again in this blog.
We must do it carefully, mindfully, but we must do it.

Nicely done David.

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