Friday, April 13, 2007

New Ideas for Managing Knowledge

As I mentioned in the last blog, contacts made on airplanes are fascinating. Jeff Carter, co-founder of webapplica is one such person. Our conversation ranged from politics (can be a bit dicey in a confined space, but this was simply fun) to the workplace of the future. Jeff's company is a global, virtual organization in which loyalty is built via instant messaging and email. He himself says there are few phone conversations, most everything is done using quick, fast communications. The company is a success. His employees are located in a number of countries and continents.

From our conversation I took away actionable, refreshing ideas.
  • I will work to develop processes to utilize the technology held in our own PCs-- quick videos and audios to allow us to share learning almost as quickly as it happens. (almost as quickly, and getting better all the time).
  • I will do more of with that technology myself.
  • To make this quick knowledge sharing real for companies, I will also ensure they work with their legal depts to create just in time training on what can and can not be shared and why (the why here is such an important piece of the learning).
  • The question of storing and cataloging can now be addressed as well.
  • VoIP is a maturing, powerful tool to be leveraged now.
  • Searchable video is real and timely and ready to be utilized. I remember when video was an expensive nice to have, but no one took the time to watch it. Now, podcasts and Youtube make video a need to have for the new generation of learners.

I was reminded once again that for any question there are a myriad of answers and ideas. The processes I use work, they are tried and tested, and now there are technologies which make them come alive for another generation. That is true for all of us and all of what we do. We can refresh and renew to create forward moving, creative processes to sustain the success we've all worked hard to achieve. Not bad for a one hour plan ride!

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aaronjudd said...

Hi Kathy,
I'm the other founder with Jeff at Webapplica. I just stumbled across your blog entry - and gave Jeff quite the hard time - he just can't do anything without someone finding out - he better not run for office or anything, who knows what information might be lurking online ;-)

I thought I would invite you to come take a look at the open-source project we have just started at - we have a lot of cool things under development there and we are trying to bring our experience of running a virtual company to the software we develop.

It's a lot of geek now, but we hope to clarify and make it easier for everyone to understand the project goals. In any case, I think if you dig around you'll probably find lots of interesting stuff.

Regardless, I enjoyed your blog, and drop us a line if you have any comments.

-Aaron Judd