Monday, April 02, 2007

World Changing KM

So much of the work I do is to help people capture and reuse the knowledge from the past-- ideas, process nuances, alternatives, thought processes, decisions...all made previously and yet to be re-used and learned from. I am adamant that this work not keep the organizations mired in the past but instead inform the future.

I found today a blog/site/organization which epitomizes what I am trying to do-- and does it for a very important purpose. is all about Eco-consumerism, and not in a stodgy, hold 'em back kind of way. Instead the information is innovative, insightful and invigorating-- all terms we should all strive for when managing and reusing knowledge.

Take a look at the site, and as you learn about changing the world by changing what we buy, consider how we can also change the world by sharing what we know. We can do it, and it will take discipline, creativity and collaboration. The payback is worth every moment of effort.

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