Thursday, March 22, 2007

From the Mouths of...

Dottie, my favorite technology futurist, provides a great deal of insight into what others, especially educators, are doing on the web. One of the neat things I saw today made me realize that kids are learning to manage knowledge in new ways, even as they do their school work.

This site
has been created by a Woodward Academy educator as a space for a book report. Yet, when you review the contents and organizational structure, you see it is all about managing knowledge. Dottie wanted me to review the site to look at how the cluster map works. The cluster map tells the kids who is viewing their site from all around the world. Can you imagine how much fun it is for a child to see that someone in Asia or Africa or China is interested in reading what they have written? It is a small world.

Yet when I saw this site I also realized that if you translate the organizational structure to knowledge to be shared inside an organization, there are great similarities. The structure is clean, simple, and well considered. Never stop looking at what is being done by those around us, young or old, in academia, profit or not for profit organizations, in entertainment or just for the enjoyment of the individual posting. There is much to learn simply by considering how people are thinking when organizing information to share. In this case, the example is very positive. In some cases, we learn from negative examples and from what does not work. The important thing is to keep learning.

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