Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogging at 107

One of the preconceptions people have about managing knowledge is that they do not want to be stuck in the past. They are afraid, somehow, that sharing the past will keep them from moving towards new ideas. I continue to talk about informing future decisions by understanding the past, not to be stuck there but to simply learn from the experiences.

Meet Olive, a 107 year old Australian woman who has her own blog.

Olive shares her memories and stories of the past, and does so in dialogue with current family members. She is a fascinating woman. As interesting as her blog might be, the fact that she is doing it should be an inspiration to us all. We say we can not share our organizational contextual history because we do not have time. Olive shows us that in doing so, we make sense of the past, learn to understand ourselves better, and hopefully apply the learning to create a better future. I applaud Olive and I am sure her family has benefited from this woman's intelligence and spunk for the past century.

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